Allow me to be your personal guide on the path to wellness

My mission is to improve quality of life for people with psychiatric disorders by providing holistic care that integrates my knowledge from the fields of medicine, psychology, nutritional supplements, yoga, eastern philosophy and social science. With the goal of empowering my patients to move beyond symptom remission to wellness, I am pleased to offer the latest treatments approved by the FDA for clinical depression, such as ketamine (Esketamine Intranasal Treatment) and rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). Please click on the TMS link for more information about this exciting new treatment.

COVID-19 pandemic has led to social distancing guidelines, so you may consult Dr Rai online instead of in person, either by FaceTime using an Apple device, or via another device by clicking on the link below:


TJ Rai, M.D. has been a practicing psychiatrist in South Bay area of Los Angeles since 2002.